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As the second decade of the 21st century comes to a close, we find ourselves at the edge of a new reality. The first global pandemic in a hundred years is what brought us here — Covid-19, still killing record numbers of people every day as the first vaccines are being delivered. A year ago we didn’t know it existed. Today it has changed life for every human being on the planet.

And yet in another way — one that rings of poetic justice — Covid is also one of the things that’s pulling us across the…

We increasingly live in two worlds. There is the physical one which is tangible and coherent, and the invisible one which is barely noticed by the average person. In the invisible world, billions upon billions of smart sensors, data, and information systems are creating a “digital nervous system” that interacts autonomously almost as a parallel economy. Its nature and behavior are concerns that have yet to really take center stage, not only in business communities but in most technology communities as well.


People are great, but for many important tasks they’re an impediment. Unless you’re living in ancient Egypt, people…

Glen Allmendinger

Founder and president of Harbor Research, a growth strategy consulting and venture development firm with over thirty years of expertise in Smart Systems & IoT.

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